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MAF Conference 2005

Our researches participated in the 9-th International Conference on Methods and Applications of Fluorescence: Spectroscopy, Imaging and Probes (MAF) that took place on the 4-7 September...


Inhibitors of Protein Kinases (IPK 2005) Conference

Department of Medicinal Chemistry took part in the 4th International Conference on Inhibitors of Protein Kinases and Workshop Modelling of Specific Molecular Recognition Processes (June...


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Our research:

FGFR1 Inhibitors
Oxindoles Image
Oxindoles are known class of inhibitors of RTK, including FGFR1. We perform...


CK2 Inhibitors
(thieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-ylthio)carboxylic acids (TTP) Image
To study CK2 inhibitory activity of substituted (thieno[2,3-d]...


ASK1 Inhibitors
Evaluation of 2-Thioxo-thiazolidin-4-ones Derivatives as Inhibitors of ASK1 Image
In order to discover novel ASK1 inhibitors we have performed screening program,...


Molecular Design
Molecular Design Image
Molecular Design Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry Department carry out...


Fluorescent Probes
Dyes for fluorescent detection of non-canonical DNA structures (triplexes and quadruplexes) Image
In living organisms genomic DNAs mostly exist in a double-stranded (ds) helical...


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