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ABOUT News and Events Participation in the 43rd FEBS Congress

Participation in the 43rd FEBS Congress

Young scientific researcher at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Maryna Kuperman, has attended the FEBS Congress "Biochemistry Forever" (7-12 July, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic). 

Our research:

FGFR1 Inhibitors
Flavones Image
One of the first discovered in the screening of inhibitors of FGFR1 classes are...


ASK1 Inhibitors
Identification of 3H-naphtho[1,2,3-de]quinoline-2,7-diones as Inhibitors of ASK1 Image
Virtual screening and biochemical screening allowed us to identify...


CK2 Inhibitors
3-carboxy-4(1H)-quinolones Image
This CK2 inhibitors were revealed and evaluated to be a CK2 inhibitors after...


Molecular Design
Molecular Design Image
Molecular Design Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry Department carry out...


Fluorescent Probes
Long-wavelength dyes for fluorescent detection of proteins Image
Albumins are the major plasma proteins circulating in the bloodstream. Since...


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